Friday, August 26, 2011

Thanks to all for the support given to us for this programe.

Sri. I. Shanmughadas , Sri. M F Thomas, Sri.Vijayakrishnan,

Sri.K R Manoj, Sri Louis Mathew ,

Srimati.Sulochana Rammohan,

Sri.Baiju Chandran,Sri.V K Joseph,Sri.Madhu Janardhanan,

Sri.Reji M Damoran

were blessed us with their valued presence and contributions to the programe.

We thank all the 70 delegates who made this programe a success.

Thanks to Mr. Arul Gerald Prakash the director of science and technlogy museum and the staff for the support extended.

Thanks to media friends for their continued support.

Team banner film society Trivandrum.

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